6 Steps to successfully pass an Online Interview

6 Steps to successfully pass an online interview


Online interview has become one of the most used tools among employers . It is therefore important to know the main steps you need to follow to successfully pass this kind of interview.

1. You need to know the program you will use: most interviews are conducted online on Skype
2. You should review the technical aspects: the internet connection, battery to be fully charged if it is laptop, tablet or phone. So for this step and for step 1 , too , would be very useful to try how it works together with a friend, to avoid any embarrassing situations.
3. You have to choose a suitable outfit for an interview. You must not make the difference between a face to face interview and an online interview regarding the outfit.
4. You must choose a place for conducting the interview: it is important webcam that you use to not capture some unpleasant details of your home. Also, you should not be in a noisy room.
5. You have to practice and doing some home interview simulations. Many people feel more embarrassed when it comes to be filmed. Also, you need to pay attention to non-verbal language: you must not have inappropriate gesture, do not have too relaxed body posture because you are in a familiar environment.
6. You have to look straight at the camera when sustain the interview because the interviewer must see you clearly.

 IT IS IMPORTANT to not fall into the trap of being too relaxed because you are in a familiar environment.

If you followed all the steps above you will ensure a successful online interview .

Human Resources Analyst

Oana Somesan