How to make professional RESUME and to raise the chances to be employed

To obtain the job you wish to have you need to have a professional resume. At that job for sure are many applicants and for this you need to know to mark out your strengths, skills and experience. The resume is you visit card , is the first impact which you have with the employer, if the resume is made in a professional way your chances to be employed will raise.

You have to make the resume in the way that the employer wish to employee you, like a perfume , are a lot of brands but you wish to have the one which is expensive , because the smell takes a lot of time and why not, it looks very nice.
This also applies to the resume, it must be very good made to stand up against the others resumes, to show what you need to do, how you are like a person, in the way to make the employer to wish to know you and to invite you at the interview.
How to make the resume and what you need to know:
1. It is very important what the resume must contain, but it is also important the format. The format proves you are an organized person, careful and in general, the way in which you arrange the elements from the resume tells a lot about yourself, arrange it, aligned on the page, always be in the same font.
2. Write your contact details in the top of the resume.
3. The employers mostly are using the resume like a way to choose, so in this way the resume are being viewed by many people. Keep the contained of the resume in 3 pages and arrange your qualifications in lines.
4. Match your qualifications with those announced or qualifying statements.
5. Support your qualifications using concrete examples in the content of the resume.
6. Technical companies , especially the one who advertise on internet the job, are using a program to see the resumes. Be careful at the key word which can be used to identify the qualification, skills, experience and education and use these words in the sample your resume and letter of intention.
7. Keep your resume to a dynamic and enthusiastic tone, using succinct and positive verbs when you identify qualifications.
8. You should ensure that you mention in it interesting information, written in an interesting way, which raise questions. I mean that the employer read your resume and would like to call to interview to find out more.
9. Make sure you have with you the name, contact information and consent of at least three referee.
10. Always include a letter of intention.

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