Main Mistakes done by a Romanian Nurse who wants to be registered at NMC

/Main Mistakes done by a Romanian Nurse who wants to be registered at NMC

Main Mistakes done by a Romanian Nurse who wants to be registered at NMC

The most important mistakes that a NURSE is making when he/she is registering at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

  1. The procedure of making the document asked by the Nursing and Midwifery Council
    The most common mistake that the nurses are making is the preparing of the documents and translating it.
    NMC wants the translation of the documents in English, without making the LEGALISTION of the documents, it ‘s enough to translate the documents to an authorized company.
  2. The second mistake is the legalization of the documents
    The translation companies make a simple copy of the document in Romanian and they attach it to the translation in English and make the legalization of the document in English.
    A lot of nurses make the confusion and think that the legalization of the translated document in English is the legalization of the documents in Romanian.
    It is wrong, what you need to do is to go at the public notary with all your documents in Romanian and make the legalization of the documents.
  3. ATENTION: You DON’T need to translate the ID or PASSPORT , or the new Birth certificate version , where it is written also in English.
  4. Certificate of Conformity
    This Certificat Will be obtained only by the nurses who graduated before 2007 . The application and the documents will be given to DSP ( direction of Public Health) from your county.
    To avoid waiting 6-7 months you can obtain it sooner if you will go in Bucharest at the Minister of Health and it will be issued in emergency case. Atention : The Certificate of Conformity must be according to the European Directive 33
  5. Completing the form sent by NMC :
    It will be completed ONLY with black INK and Capital letters.
  6. The availability of the application form
    Another mistake if that the nurses don’t know that the form has availability 6 months. If your form is completed and you put stamps and signature at Romanian Order and your GP please check not to be older than 4 months.
  7. Who is complinting the form
    All the application form will be completed only by YOU, the form will be stamped and Signed by your GP and OAMMMR, but it must be completed by you.
  8. If you worked with employment contract you must write in the form
    If you made voluntary work please DON’T write in the form. It is not taking into consideration.
    After you sent the documents through post , it takes maximum 7 days to arrive the documents to NMC, since the moment the documents are at NMC it will take up to 20 days to scan it and to arrive to your file. After they are into your file it will take between 6-8 weekend to check youR documents and to receive an answer.
  10. You arrived in UK and you didn’t receive the PIN number?
    DON’T change your address from Romania with the one from UK ,as they can ask you for criminal record from UK
  11. if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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