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Our trainings refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a
result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate
to specific useful competencies. It forms the core of apprenticeships and provides
the backbone of content at institutes of technology (also known as technical
colleges or polytechnics).

Training takes place away from normal work situations — implying that the employee
does not count as a directly productive worker while such training takes place.
Off-the-job training has the advantage that it allows people to get away from work
and concentrate more thoroughly on the training itself.

Initial and ongoing training is a necessity becoming more visible on the Romanian
market of labor, regardless of the sector where labor is required - private or
public. To achieve optimal efficiency in demanding conditions of society as we live,
we need knowledge in areas that interest us, the "shortcut" procedure, which help us
to work as quickly and efficiently, providing the same quality for maximum benefit.
About Business Activ Consult authorized agency for professional information, advice
and training is the main business page and continue training, achieved a high
standard of quality.

Courses conducted by us covers various fields and is addressed to all those
interested in career development.

The purpose for which we created this service is to support the needs of all those
who help in training.

Our objectives are:

*        Information and professional advice;
*        Mediation of labor;
*        Adapting to the needs of the employee or job description;
*        Obtaining professional qualifications;
*        Update knowledge and skills and specific job description and professional training
for the occupation;
*        Retraining determined by socio-economic restructuring;
*        Acquisition of advanced knowledge, modern methods and procedures necessary to
carry out professional activities;
*        Preventing risk of unemployment;
*        Promotion of work and career development.


*        Advice and assistance regarding the development of the entire course;
*        Assistance in setting up and processing documents;
*        Individualized training;
*        We provide experienced lecturers.

Practice training is done in companies from which students, or their distribution in
prestigious units in Bucharest or in the country. Students are offered specialized
course materials.

MISSION of Business Activ Consult

Our mission is to improve and develop sustainable business partners / clients by
providing training programs of high quality, tailored training needs of each and
applicable in the exercise of all occupations for which SC Business Activ Consult
holds accreditation.